Design Fellowship

d Fellowship Program

The innate nature of humans is to be creative. In the era of technology, machines will become the workforce. One domain which will always need human visioning and execution is creativity. We help our students to realize their creative nature and utilize it for a professional and societal impact.

The one-year interdisciplinary fellowship in creativity is designed to prepare creative leaders and entrepreneurial artists. We identify young professionals having an appetite for creativity and ambition for impact, and provide them with intense exposure to gain a creative mindset and creative managerial skills.

The program is a pedagogical blend of case studies, workshops, lectures, assignments, projects, field visits and more. As faculty, we bring reputed experts in the form of professors, visiting faculty and guest faculty.

The Creative Professional

The fellowship prepares young students to become ‘Chief Creativity Officers’. The unique program bringing strategy, management, and creativity together is designed for those who aspire to be:

  1. Creative entrepreneurs
  2. Brand strategists
  3. Creative communicators
  4. Artist-entrepreneurs
  5. Public thinkers
  6. Designers

Towards the end of the fellowship, students work on a capstone project. Those who have an entrepreneurial idea are encouraged to develop their research and business plan leading to incubation at the university. The creative and academic community of the university supports the graduates to pursue their passion and become successful creative entrepreneurs.

Who Should Apply

If you have an appetite for creativity and ambition for impact, this program is for you. An ideal candidate is one who thinks creatively, enjoys creative activities, and aspires to build an impactful career. Our applicants are:

  1. Young creative professionals who want to take a leap in their understanding and professional growth
  2. Young professionals who want to shift their domain of work into more creative roles
  3. Graduates and final year students who aspire to be a creative professional or entrepreneur

Program Structure and Courses

The fellowship is spread over 8 terms of 6 weeks each. It consists of core courses, elective courses, and a capstone project. Each course is for 1.5 credits. The classrooms hours are low and you spend more time on projects and entrepreneurial ideas so that you move closer to the industry. By the time you graduate, you are ready to succeed.

The fellowship creates learning outcomes in three domains: creative thinking, creative management, and creative skills. The three domains are synthesized together to enable holistic learning in creativity, while the courses are stitched in a sequence to gain an in-depth understanding of building an impactful creative career.

The applications for the Rishihood d Fellowship will open in late 2019. To receive the updates, please subscribe to the newsletter below.