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What is an Endowment Fund?

The endowment fund is the financial heart of Rishihood University. It is the aggregate of gifts received in cash or otherwise, in donations. In the face of economic change and inflation, the long-term vitality and security of the University depend on the growth and health of our endowment. Income from the endowment is used to provide financial aid to students, expand student-faculty research opportunities, continue academic initiatives, recruit and retain an exceptional faculty, and support programmes in perpetuity. Your investment in the endowment is an investment in the future of our students.

Why is an Endowment Fund important?

Student tuition does not cover the entire cost of good quality education. Endowments help the university in smoothly maintaining its academic as well as administrative standards. Since these funds are stable and continue to be available for a longer period and can also be reinvested upon profit, they prove to be very crucial for the long term strategic investments of the university that concrete its sustainability and profitability.

How do Endowments work?

An endowment to Rishihood University is a gift intended to permanently support the Institution. The principal amount, also known as a corpus, is meant to remain intact and invested while its earnings support students, faculty or programmes for the purposes that are consistent with the donor’s wishes. For example, donors might designate the University to use a portion of an endowment’s scheduled income on a merit-based or need-based scholarship. Another standard restrictive use of an endowment’s income is to provide funding for endowed professorships, which are used to attract world-class educators.

Why invest in Endowments?

Financial pressures can deter gifted and talented individuals from pursuing their ambitions. One of the prime aims of Rishihood University is to make resources available to ambitious, creative and academically gifted students who wish to broaden their opportunities through University Education.

This cannot be achieved by the Institution alone, so it is essential that we attract philanthropic support. Our Scholarship fund is designed for this very purpose; it will enable us to set aside a fund to provide a secure financial stream and so ensure that we have dedicated funds available to support our students.

How do we plan to utilize the money you invest?

All your donations will be accepted through the Development Office that operates independent of Rishihood University. The Development Office is set up to ensure that your valuable contributions are not diluted and are properly invested in financial markets. It will be solely responsible for managing the income arising out of the investments and will reinvest them further in the programmes or activities that you wish your money to be used in. 

The Office serves as the point of contact for individuals, private and corporate foundations interested in supporting the university’s research and programmes. It is dedicated to establishing new relationships and enhancing the existing ones with a wide range of local, national, and international organizations.

How do endowments benefit the donors?

Endowments perpetuate the values and priorities of the donors. It assures that programmes that are crucial to the donor continue to exist. By adding a new permanent endowments, donors might permit and oblige the University to carry out their expressed wishes, so long as it is feasible to do so.

Since an endowment is donated permanently, it serves as a permanent tribute to the donor and extends the donor’s values for future generations. It offers the donor a sense of immortality, a way to define the donor’s place in the cosmic scheme of things through support of an important cause.

Endowments allow the donor to accomplish their philanthropic goals directly while helping the Institution fund its initiatives. Donors can receive great satisfaction from making a significant contribution from assets accumulated over their lifetimes. In the case of deferred planned endowments, they may be the donors’ final acts of contributing to the organization or the work that they find most valuable.

Let us Build the Future, Together

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Thank you for considering your support for Rishihood University. Your interest and philanthropic response to our endowment needs will undoubtedly strengthen and sustain the institution for generations.

Through your support and investment together, we can ensure exceptional educational opportunities at Rishihood University. Endowing a scholarship, faculty position, or academic programme, ensures not only the university’s financial security but also helps future students afford an education that otherwise might not have been possible.

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