Doctors’ Day or Patients’ Day?

You are aware that the National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to recognize the dedicated services of Doctors in helping maintain the health of the people of our country.

Have you ever thought what makes a doctor ‘A Hero’ and the same doctor a culprit at some other time? Doctors are also human beings and have limitations. Most doctors are skilful in their respective specialities, but not all of them are visionaries.

Undoubtedly, doctors are not trained in ‘Communication Skills’ and ‘Image Management’ while studying and treating patients day and night for long years. Those who are wise enough, do understand the phrase, ‘Patients do not care for how much you know, but they do care for how much you care.’

Through our long association and everyday experience with the ailing community, we must develop an attitude of compassion when they need us the most. No doubt, you have a right to earn a lot of money and live a prosperous life of abundance.

Even thinking business, we fully know that one satisfied patient will bring more, and we should always think of LMV (Lifetime Merchandise Value) of every patient who walks in. This value includes the goodwill and respect we get as a bonus that we cannot demand just because we hold a medical degree or have worked hard for long years or are very skilful in our work.

I close by saying, ‘We should be sincere and also appear to be so.’

Dr Mahesh Gupta

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