Dr. Harsh Mahajan appointed President of NATHEALTH – The Healthcare Federation of India

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Founder and Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging & a distinguished Advisor to Rishihood University, has been appointed as the President of NATHEALTH – the Healthcare Federation of India.

The Indian healthcare system is in a truly unique place now. The recent unexpected change of events put the entire healthcare fraternity in an unprecedented crisis. The positive and negative are at a constant interplay. At one end the Healthcare Sector is taking giant strides to establish itself as a highly-skilled medical ecosystem with excellent clinical outcomes. On the other hand, it is counterbalanced by a massive disease burden, tangible dichotomies in delivery and a huge infrastructure crunch. Dr. Mahajan’s leadership to one of the premier healthcare organizations will certainly bring out many breakthroughs in these tough times.

Dr. Harsh Mahajan shares a message and talks about building a 21st-century healthcare system, that is made in India for India. The past year has been a huge challenge but it has also opened up opportunities. It’s important to realise that many factors require scaling up, for example, – a partnership between the public & private sector, high-tech innovation, infrastructure and even establishing a value-based service delivery model.

He explains how important it is to establish trust between the government and the industry to transform the healthcare trajectory of the country. The Public & Private Partnerships are the way to increase investment and also the way forward. Promoting access and reducing cost (which don’t add value to patient care) is how private partnerships should be designed, says Dr. Harsh Mahajan.

In his brief message to the members of NATHEALTH, he defines what role will the federation play in managing, integrating, collaborating and reimaging the coming years for the healthcare industry. NATHEALTH is the healthcare federation of India which has been started to build a better and healthier future. They aspire to do so by encouraging innovation, shaping better policies and regulation and trying to bridge the skill & capacity gap.

With this mission kept in mind, the president of NATHEALTH speaks of how multi-stakeholder support is required to focus on recovery and patient-centred care. These factors are essential in building a robust healthcare system. He puts across the idea to build relationships with specialized organisations and technical partners (global/local) to provide patients specialized care while catering to their pain points and understanding their needs.

In times of crisis, India has been able to demonstrate its resilience by manufacturing critical medical equipment and vaccines. With the use of artificial intelligence, the internet of things etc. the medical community has been able to provide quick testing, results, telemedicine and even consultation.

This is what NATHEALTH aims for and continues to promote. Their belief in promoting innovation builds trust and exceeds the patient’s expectation. Dr. Harsh reminds everyone the focus of the platform has always been to enable & support organisations to collaborate and devise solutions to any long-term challenges faced by the country.

He motivates each member to remember NATHEALTH’s mission and talks of enabling the environment to fund long-term growth. It’s a tough time and the federation’s aim is to help. This is the time to engage, collaborate and innovate.

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