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It has been generally observed that the present generation is fond of ‘speed,’ and the proverb, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has almost lost its significance. Today, the lives of children are surrounded by technology and technological gadgets. The teachers who shoulder the major responsibility of imparting education to this generation have to match up to the expectation of these fast-paced young people. Since these young learners are exposed to the digital world at a very early age, they need to be taught to handle it properly. Teachers have a very important role to play here.

E4YOU workshop is a step towards building your knowledge of digital tools and your confidence in using them. You will get an opportunity to investigate gaps in your skillset and learn how to fix them. The workshop would help you leave as a newly empowered person to use digital technology in various teaching-learning processes.

Enhancing digital skills can enrich the learning experience for our children and young people. In other words, digital skills can also enhance teaching. 

Empowering teachers would help in empowering the youth and also raising the literacy rate as it also makes the youth updated and aware of his/her surroundings. 

Educating teachers about the need to keep up with evolving technology and knowing what digital tools are best suited to their students, would help them in making the teaching-learning processes effective, inclusive and tailored to individual needs.

In such a scenario, teachers have no option but to ‘Evolve’ as well. They will have to keep on updating themselves about modern, thinking-oriented global processes of education if they wish to continue inspiring young minds and equip them with skills that can be valuable in the future. 

Learning Outcomes of E4YOU:

By the end of the E4YOU workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify gaps in digital skillset and select strategies to help meet these.
  • Recognize how to build successful partnerships and identify tools to support this.
  • Explore online communities of practice and reflect on how these can support continuing professional development.
  • Evaluate online training provision and apply this to their context.
  • Identify the best practices of the use of ICT for Teaching and Learning.
  • Describe the hardware and software requirements for a technology-based learning environment
  • Integrate the innovative ICT practices in their teaching-learning process. 

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