Earning Curve vs Learning Curve

When we enter the workforce, we are at a certain level of our learning curve while our earning curve just takes off. As we grow, the difference between our learning curve and earning curve plays an important factor in success. In fact, the learning curve has a high impact on the earning curve.

Times Have Changed. There used to be a time when one skill was enough to enter and retire from a profession. A typist only needed to learn to type. This is not the case anymore. If there are typists today, they need to learn voice typing, and eventually maybe brain typing. Times have changed and will keep changing.

Workplace Learning Opportunities Have Grown. A good workplace supports learning and development. Be it online or in-person, there is a growing availability of resources to learn new skills and pick-up new knowledge. One should have an eye for such opportunities and make the most use of them.

Gigs are in Demand. A musician is not only a musician. She can be a photographer too. The gig economy and freelancing have opened up the world for anyone to pick up a skill of interest and use that for personal/professional growth. The more you learn, the more is your earning potential.

Learning is Joy. Humans have immense potential and learning is infinite. The quest to know keeps the human spirit alive. Regardless of whether earning is the purpose of our life or not, learning is an innate desire. We should go the extra mile to learn.

The mathematics is simple. If we are earning more than we are learning, soon will come a time when we hit saturation. If we are learning more than we are earning, professional success is guaranteed and life is fulfilling. Continuous learning is the key to stay ahead.

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