School of Education

BA (H) Education

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Education

Education as a discipline emphasizes the development of individual and growth of society. It focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and experience as well as on the development of skills, habits and attitudes.

The BA Honours Education programme provides you with a broad-based education which is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature and makes you acquire the requisite knowledge, develops specific skills and provides you with enough opportunities to get sufficient experience so that you are able to build a career in school education as a primary level teacher, a confident content writer, an educational researcher, a primary level curriculum designer, a counsellor, a trainer and more. 

In educating the individual to the benefit of society, SoEd cultivates the capacity and propensity for life-long learning by fostering independent inquiry and promoting the value of knowledge and discovery. 

  • Students gain rich experience from our innovative courses and graduate with unrivalled career prospects.
  • Students gain vital skills and knowledge through internships and field visits that prepares them for successful careers.
  • The research component in the curriculum makes the graduates think analytically and logically, identify issues, suggest solutions.
  • Inclusion of ICT in the curriculum makes the graduates skilled in handling the modern technological resources effectively and thus makes them suitable to work in a variety of areas after graduation.
  • The curriculum is so designed and transacted that the graduates are able to make efficient use of all communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. In short, the graduates are confident and efficient communicators.
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