Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Education

The Education major prepares students with the appropriate skills and knowledge to inspire others in the future and create a community of high and passionate achievers. This 3-year programme focuses on pedagogical theory, teaching methods, philosophy of education, educational technology, and practical application.

Everyone has a different educational journey, and an interdisciplinary one will be inspiring and eye-opening. Through this process, students get to major and minor in multiple subjects. You learn both hard and soft skills with an interdisciplinary degree.

Become a context expert or a mentor who creates innovative learning experiences to inspire and educate young minds. Sharpen your skills, and fulfil your passion.

In educating the individual to the benefit of society, the Education major cultivates the capacity and propensity for life-long learning by fostering independent inquiry and promoting the value of knowledge and discovery. Here are some key aspects of the Education course:

  • Innovative pedagogy with unrivalled career prospects
  • Research-oriented & ICT Inclusive programme
  • Gain vital skills and knowledge through internships and field visits
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Become confident and efficient communicators

Career & Scope

Education graduates can pursue opportunities in the public and private sectors. Some top job profiles are Teacher/Professor, Ed-tech trainer, Author/Novelist, Technical Writer, Public Relation Journalist, Academic Advisor & Guide, Tutor etc.
You might also find yourself working with government agencies, museums, publishing houses, PR Agencies and even work as a home tutor or as part of the education department.

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