School of Education

BA (H) Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Psychology

This programme has been designed to cater to the demands of society for professional psychologists and aims at developing an understanding of the growing discipline of psychology. The programme enables students to think critically and creatively and to investigate the interdependence and interaction of human beings with their environment. 

The focus of the programme is also on developing skills and competencies needed for meeting the challenges and needs of the real world in an effective way. One of the important objectives of this curriculum is to develop research skills as well as statistical and methodological skills among students besides developing a strong theoretical foundation.

The programme enables students to identify real-life issues, analyze them in the social context and suggest ways and means to solve them. Practicum is incorporated as an important component in the curriculum with hands-on training in the use of various research methods such as observation, psychological testing, survey, interview and case study etc. For an effective transaction of the curriculum resources like ICT, mass media and web-based sources (documentaries, videos, films etc.) are used frequently.  

  • Students are able to understand the relationship between the human mind, body and behaviour with the environment.
  • Students are able to formulate questions in Psychology, frame hypotheses, analyze data and interpret results
  • They can appreciate the significance of ethical issues in the practice of psychology
  • They can identify the relationship between psychology and other fields and its application across various disciplines
  • They are able to develop awareness and understanding of how personal factors influence academic growth
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