Effective Teaching Workshop

Effective Teaching Workshop

Nurturing a healthy school environment.

The most important aspect of learning is not just transfer of knowledge, but building a deeper understanding of the subject. For the development of the nation, it is important that our students reflect all the aspects of an ideal- learned being. Effective teaching ensures that the surface approach to learning is replaced by deeper, student driven approaches to learning that analyse, develop, create and demonstrate understanding.

This workshop will help educators understand students and deal with their behavioural problems through multiple intelligence and collaborative teaching.

Why should you attend?

Attend the expert talks to understand the individual differences in a classroom, and implement effectively with positive results for every student, build strong Student-Teacher relationship, and Learn ways of developing a social intelligence in school for holistic growth and a better environment.

Learn through healthy competition, and better relationship amongst teachers.

If you are a school leader and wish to organize the workshop for your teachers, please write to us at mail@rishihood.edu.in.