School of Entrepreneurship

BBA – Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA – Business Management programme at the School of Entrepreneurship has been designed to give students a rigorous foundation within the framework of broad-based general education tradition. 

The curriculum focuses on transforming students to excel by acquiring true knowledge, the right attitude, marketable skills, and the ability to work hard. Students develop both qualitative and quantitative skills through application-based learning and use of current technologies. We help you build the skills that are necessary for success in a fast-changing global economy.

Students acquire a good understanding of developing strategies which can address the legal, social, economic, ethical and the existing global environment in which businesses have to operate. Apart from gaining subject knowledge, you will become good at public speaking, communicating, writing, negotiating, and leading as well.

  • Industry-specific knowledge that will prepare you for the new economy of India
  • Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Become an effective communicator and collaborator
  • Delivered in a modular format to help you focus on your studies
  • Advance your information literacy and intercultural knowledge
  • Broader perspective and inter-disciplinary approach
  • The strong foundation that prepares you for higher studies, enter the job market, or to take a new assignment in an existing company
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