School of Entrepreneurship

MBA – Business Management

Master of Business Administration

Rishihood MBA prepares strong leaders who can think internationally. Students acquire deep knowledge of industry-oriented skills, management tools and pursue global career opportunities.

As a student of MBA, you study a range of courses from marketing to finance, from strategy to leadership.

We train you to connect the dots and to look at business problems with an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective, setting you for success in the 21st Century’s dynamic world.

Our MBA programme is for those

  • who have a serious desire to excel in whatever they do
  • who are willing to go through a challenging programme
  • who want to study in a multidisciplinary environment while specializing in areas like marketing, finance, human capital management, and international business

MBA graduates will be able to evaluate business environment and opportunities and devise strategies for responding effectively to problems, threats, and opportunities that may exist. They will be able to demonstrate strong team-building and leadership skills.

  • Modular StructureThis programme is delivered in a modular format which requires you to be focused on your learning. It requires you to be very proactive with your faculty mentors who will guide you through the entire process of your success.
  • Applied learningThis programme is highly application-oriented and deals with real-life problems and issues. You will be required to meet the academic standards. This program is not about teaching, it is more about your learning.
  • SpecializationsYou will have the opportunity to specialize in any area of marketing, finance, human capital management, international business and business analytics. Choose an area of your interest and be ready to work for it. It is going to be a rough ride but you will have your faculty mentors to fall back at and work with them.
  • Corporate InternshipAll students of the final year will have to go through a corporate industrial training of eight weeks during their program or do a dissertation in place of it to demonstrate their learning and understanding of the corporate world.
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