School of Entrepreneurship
MBA – Entrepreneurship

MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA Entrepreneurship at Rishihood has been designed

  1. for people working in family businesses
  2. for those who desire to start their own ventures
  3. or who want to work at a start-up

Here, you seek new business opportunities, test your ideas, develop prototypes for your product, understand how to raise capital, prepare to manage people, market your products, and finally be ready to start your business when you graduate. 

You will change your mindset as you begin the process of setting up your own business from day one. As you move through the programme you will see your business idea taking shape, moving from the stage of idea conceptualization, visualization, testing, identifying the product, developing a prototype, and finally forming a company.

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Eligibility: Graduation from a UGC recognized University with minimum 50% marks
  • Fee: ₹ 3,50,000 Per Annum
  • Hostel: Mandatory

Your job is to create jobs.

Upon graduation, you will gain integrative and experiential learning to make them complete individuals able to identify business opportunities and make sound business decisions. You will be able to evaluate the business environment and opportunities and devise strategies for responding effectively to problems, threats, and opportunities that may exist. They will be able to demonstrate strong team-building and leadership skills.

  • Creating JobsAs an entrepreneur, you will understand the art and craft of setting up a new business, managing them and understanding the pitfalls of new businesses. You will be given the tools to understand how you manage success and failures.
  • Learning by DoingApply your learning to real life. You will be pushed to understand how startups work, their characteristics, their pitfalls, but at the same time, you will develop the art of leading people, corporate diplomacy and forging a direction for successful development of a new business.
  • Idea FactoryThis is your first encounter with the art and science of setting up a business. You will work with faculty mentors and industry experts who will expose you to new business ideas. This is a pressure chamber that makes your mind think in a business perspective. This is a place where you generate your best business ideas to make it your dream.
  • Startup GarageAll students have an opportunity to move to the startup garage once they have generated a new business idea and start planning for the next stage. This is the place that your ideas are going to be tested in terms of its commercial feasibility.
  • Venture StudioThis is the final stage of your business idea . You will move into this space where we start developing the prototype of the product or services. When you reach here, you are at an advanced stage and you will get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs who have made it in the business world. Finally, you meet investors and venture capitalists who want to fund innovative business ideas. All through this process, you are mentored by experts who desire your success.


Subjects marked * are cross-school
Semester – I
  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. Design Thinking*
  3. Family Business Management
  4. Venture Capital
  5. Business Laws
  6. Business Taxation
Semester II
  1. Enterprise Marketing Management
  2. Digital Marketing for New Businesses
  3. Financial Management& Investment in the Global Economy
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Original Brand Management& Awareness Building
  6. Leadership, Diversity,& Cross-disciplinary Teamwork

Summer Action Learning Program 1 and 2 = extended Field Project (Team)

Semester III
  1. Decision Science & Business Analytics (incl. Machine Learning)
  2. Operations & Production Management
  3. Domestic & International Supply Chain Management
  4. Consumer Behaviour& Culture
  5. Human Resource Management, Development& Training
  6. Information & Communications Technology *
Semester IV
  1. International Growth Strategies for New Businesses
  2. Advanced Corporate Finance
  3. Integrated Marketing Communications (incl. Advertising)
  4. Ethics & Corporate Governance
  5. Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Final Dissertation (Individual)
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