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What: The Concept

IGenplus Gap Year Programme is a unique opportunity to explore and design your own life path post high school. Students are provided a 9 month long structured training program developing Yogi, Creative and Exponential thinking. The aim is to expose students to varied career paths but also steer them toward reverse engineering how to build themselves once they have sufficient understanding of their chosen field.  The program is delivered in partnership with Rishihood University.

Eligibility: High-school graduates. Please see FAQs for detailed eligibility criteria.

Why: The Rationale

When students move out of the schooling system they adapt in formal education but seldom have had the chance to question what they want. A GAP year therefore gives time to not only reflect but also explore, enquire, and exploit all the options out there before deciding on a life path. A structured approach to this time can not only help with gaining clarity but also empower them with life skills that come handy no matter the stream they chose. Many schools report that gap year students have higher GPAs and are more involved on campus. We aim to make sure that students are aware of these choices and support them in making an informed decision.

What People Say About Gap Year


Vivek Srivastava
Vivek SrivastavaI dropped and took a year off, without any surety of what next! During my time off, I read, watched movies, exercised, traveled, visited relatives, attended workshops and leadership camps during that time. And had there been a formal “gap year” program, I would have definitely enrolled for the same. Personally, this time off taught me more than what twelve years of formal schooling could.
Kolby DeGarmo
Kolby DeGarmoKolby DeGarmo, 19, had her admission to college rescinded when she chose to take a gap year living and working in Australia. Still, she said, it was worth it. “I loved every minute,” she said. “I would encourage other students coming out of high school to do it, especially if they are lost,” DeGarmo said. “It’s a real opportunity.”

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