Gap Year Program

What: The Concept

Rishihood’s Gap Year Program is a unique self-discovery program to nurture a better orientation towards academic and work life. Students, after completing school, are provided with a year-long structured program of exploration, leadership development, unlearning and learning. The program targets to equip the students with the tools, skills and habits that will help them to define their own path to self-reliant adulthood. The carefully designed curriculum is built to give every participant the confidence, grit, and self-reliance they need to succeed as a global citizen in tomorrow’s world. The program is delivered in partnership with IGenPlus, a global movement for teenagers.

Eligibility: High-school graduates. Please see FAQs for detailed eligibility criteria.

Why: The Rationale

We aim to nurture dynamism, innovation, and grit in young curious minds as they get ready to face the wider world of opportunities. The college and course choices for the majority of students are constrained by time, societal pressures and their limited exposure to the world. Professors have found students to be ill-informed, distracted and less focused on their activities and efforts, especially in the initial years of college.

The mission is to transform the way students make career choices and decisions during the most crucial phase of their lives.

The curriculum is a blend of activities and sessions that are targeted towards multidimensional academic learning, practical exposure, introduction to the professional world, self-discovery and value education.

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How Much: The Costs

The gap year costs 2,00,000 INR [USD 2,900] (inclusive of taxes, hostel accommodation, all meals, travel expenses, workshops, field visits)

Scholarship Philosophy: We do not want students to drop out of learning due to a lack of funds. Merit-cum-means scholarships are available.

What the fee does not include: Expenses for optional international travel and internships

Express your Interest

To apply, please fill the form below. You will receive further instructions through email.

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