A Guide for the Applicants

We look forward to learning about you through your application. We encourage you to spend time reflecting on who you are and what is meaningful to you. In your submission, be true to yourself and allow your genuine voice to come through. We approach the admission process with sincere respect for you, and we will give your application serious consideration. Thank you for your interest in Rishihood. We wish you all the best.

Selection principles and guidelines:

We are looking for curious and spirited candidates who are keen to take up this exciting journey of exploration and opportunities. The students would be assessed for admission on the basis of their zeal and interest to explore and learn more than what is provided for. Your intellectual curiosity, participation in extracurricular activities and commitment to your best performance are the most important credentials.

How to apply?

Step 1: Express your Interest

  • Basic Information

    Kindly express your interest by filling the particulars in the form at the end of this page. You will receive a mail for the next step of application

Step 2: Online Application

There are 6 sections to the application form as follows:

  • Personal Information

    You are required to submit basic particulars about yourself like name, age, contact details, etc.

  • Information of the parents/ guardians

    You are required to submit basic particulars about your family.

  • References

    You are required to submit two academic references. Please read more about this in the FAQs.

  • Creative Submission

    This section is to assess your intent, creativity, and presentation. There is an option to submit the second question in the section either in the form of a video or an essay. Please follow the specification of word or time limit.

  • Scholarship

    This section is for those students who want to apply for the scholarship. In case you want to avail it, please make sure that you respond to all the questions in this section. For further information please refer to the FAQs.

Step 3: Personal Interview

  • Interview

    The candidates shortlisted from the application submissions would be invited for a personal interview. The selection panel would involve in a friendly conversation with the students to know more about the student. The assessment would be on the basis of the student’s knowledge of the world beyond books, confidence, sincerity, and eagerness to learn.

Application Timeline

15th April 2019: Online Application Opens

1st May – 10th June 2019: Interviews and Results on Rolling Basis

1st June 2019: First Phase Deadline for Online Application

15th June 2019: Second Phase Deadline for Online Application

25th June 2019: Interview Results for Second Phase Applicants

15 July 2019: Program Begins

Express your Interest

To express your interest, please fill the form below. You will receive further instructions through email