A quick insight into the exciting journey that waits for you to delve into the ocean of opportunities, possibilities and lifetime experiences!

  • July: Mindfulness

    With an exciting orientation into the programme with icebreaker rounds and group activities, students will be introduced to the tools they can use to get better oriented towards career and professional growth. Career coaches would direct them to use these throughout the programme to gather the experience for the lifetime.

    Outcomes: Program logistics and preparation, confidence building, teamwork, yoga, meditation

  • August: 21st Century skills

    With fast evolving market forces, students need the adaptability skills to grow as a resilient workforce. They will be directed towards both professional and personal skills to deal with the day to day situations. The emphasis would be on the soft skills like interpersonal, communication, leadership and managerial skills. They will undergo unique experiences of trying hands at farming, kayaking, pottery, stock marketing, and acting amongst many others from the experts themselves.

    Outcomes: Skill development, real-world experience, practical skills, empathy towards people work who work around you each day, presentation skill, personal finance, media, and marketing.

  • September: Connecting Cultures

    How does an individual participates in and contributes to the events around him in the most subtle and intense ways? Students will develop a profound understanding of the cultures and societies they are a part of.  Unlearning gender, religion, cultural stereotypes and the practical relevance of gender equality, languages will be emphasized upon. They’ll also learn entrepreneurial interventions for the conservation and preservation for our cultural diversities.

    Outcome: A deeper understanding of society, community development, creating a positive and safe culture,  progressive thinking, connecting societal needs with professional opportunities.

  • October: On the wheels

    An extensive travel programme across the country to expand horizons of thinking and imagination. Involve with the local community, immerse into the culture, and experience the tradition. Exciting adventures and activities that they would otherwise not take up.

    Outcome: Independent living skills, outdoor skills,  social entrepreneurship, wildlife conservation, hiking, camping,

  • November: Global citizenship

    Through our associations and partnerships with international leaders, students will come across the experiences of these professionals. They’ll get to know the opportunities that could emerge from global issues like the environment, migration, trade wars, etc, with a special emphasis on the education and healthcare sector. Courses in international universities will be discussed, and they’ll be helped with the admission procedure of the universities of their choice.

    Outcome: admission procedure in international universities, campus visit, international opportunities, interact with international leaders, wide exposure, personal and professional development.

  • December: Polity and state

    The lessons on Civics in School would come to life with interaction with leaders in administration, politics, law and policy making. The aim is to not only bring forth the career options and introduce relevant skills but also to groom students as more aware and pro-active citizens

    Outcome: Interest in the systems that govern us, understanding the importance and power of an individual in the system, world of journalism

  • January: Choose your own path

    Through scientifically designed tests and tools, students will refine their choices on career paths. The career coaches will guide them through the entire process, keeping the parents and guardians in confidence. Students will be helped with the admission procedure of the universities of their choice. They will get to interact with the alumni from those courses and the professionals in the field. Students will get to get work-place experience through interning/volunteering opportunities.

    Outcome: career, course and college selection, well-researched decision, confidence in parents and guardians

  • January- March: Launch

    This will be the interning and volunteering phase to launch them in the real world. The students will get the work-place experience through our various associations with different industrial sectors and organizations. The firms would train the student and help them earn their first salary. They will understand professional requirements and how they can foresee their career in the field.

    Outcomes: Professional experience, earning the first salary.


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