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Who can apply?

Following students are eligible for enrolling for the program-

  • Students who have passed the class 12 board or equivalent exam
  • Students who have appeared for class 12 exams
  • Students who dropped out of school for some valid reasons
  • Students who have been part of an alternative education system (unschooling/ homeschooling etc)

Can homeschoolers/ unschoolers apply?

Yes, of course, anyone who fulfills the criteria can apply.

Are international students eligible to apply?

Yes, international students can join this exciting journey if they have fulfilled the schooling standards of their respective countries.

Is academic performance a criterion for my selection?

No, the academic performance is not the sole criterion. Your creativity, confidence, intent to explore and vigour to learn would allow to enter and experience this exciting journey.

How long is the programme?

The Gap Year journey extends for 9 months, where the last phase concludes with the internship/ volunteering/ work space experience.

Is there any entrance test to get enrolled in this particular program?

No, there is no entrance test for the same. The detailed application form and personal interview would enable us to know the candidate better and select the suitable candidates for the journey

What is the fee of the course?

The fee of the course is 2.55L INR which includes the taxes, 5 months of on campus accommodation, meals, 30 days of extensive travel, workshops, field visits.  

Will there be industrial exposure?

Yes, the intent is to bring you closer to the workspaces to understand the dynamics and expectations of the market. You will visit workstations, offices, industries and meet the people from the field to know the work closely. Further, the last phase of the program will allow you to enter the work field through volunteering and interning opportunities to experience the real world beyond the classroom lectures.

Will there be counseling sessions to guide me in choosing the course that suits me the best?

Yes, career coaches and facilitators would help students to assess their strengths, weaknesses, interests and passion  throughout the program. They will be guided through the crucial process of selecting the courses, colleges and their application procedure.

Will it help in finding the right college/course for me?

Yes, the plan is structured in a way that you come across as many options as possible to find what resonates with your passion and interests. Constant evaluation and mentoring will help the student to choose what suits them the best.

Do I need to stay on the campus during the duration of the programme?

Yes, it is a residential program as we believe in an ecosystem approach where you learn the most from your surroundings, peers, and mentors. The students will stay in the campus for around 5 months only. Rest they will be travelling for around a month. Concluding months will be devoted to industry exposure.

Is it a co-ed program?

Yes, it is a co-ed program.

Do I earn credits for the programme?

No, students do not earn any credits on completion of the course.

Do I get a course certification?

Yes, you receive a certificate on the completion of the successful completion of the course. You will also receive certificates for successful participation in different skill-based workshops.

Where does I see myself after completing the course?

You enter the university with more confidence and conviction to pursue courses of their interest.

Will I be able to apply for universities abroad after the programme?

Yes, you will be able to apply for universities abroad, for both of their spring and fall intakes. If you have secured admissions for the spring intake, we would recuse you after the first phase of the program.


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