Welcome to the Global Certification Program on Leadership & Practice in Lactation and Breastfeeding—an empowering journey towards excellence in maternal and child health.

Welcome to the Global Certification Program – LActation management, Milkbanking & Breastfeeding an empowering journey towards excellence in maternal and child health.

Welcome to the Global Certification Program – LActation management, Milkbanking & Breastfeeding an empowering journey towards excellence in maternal and child health.

Welcome to the Global Certification Program – LActation management, Milkbanking & Breastfeeding an empowering journey towards excellence in maternal and child health.


4 Months










Breastfeeding is a cornerstone of early childhood development and maternal well-being. With this course, you will develop the skills needed to play a pivotal role in the healthcare process that fosters healthy families and communities worldwide.

Program Highlights

Our program acknowledges the profound significance of lactation and breastfeeding support in ensuring optimal nutrition, immunity, and emotional bonding for infants.

Mix of online classes and practical sessions in hospitals

Learn from disinguished international faculty

Holistic understanding of best pracitices – from healthcare to policymaking

Suitable for nurses, midwives, public health professionals and/or community leaders

Made in collaboration with renowned international foundations

International Faculty

Dr. Paula Meier

Ph.D. RN Professor at Department of Pediatrics

Gillian Weaver

International Milk Banking Specialist and Consultant

Dr. Jack Newman

MD, FRCPC, Pediatrician, Author
International Breastfeeding Centre, Toronto

National Faculty

Prof. (Dr.) Santhosh Kumar Kraleti

Associate Dean, School of Healthcare

Prof. Vasudev Murthy

Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

Prof. Poonam Nehra

School of Healthcare

Dr. Bhavani Kalavalapalli

Vice President - SHF, Neonatologist, Idea Clinics, Hyderabad

Dr. Srinivas Murki

President - SHF, Neonatologist, Paramitha Children Hospital, Hyderabad

Dr. Swapna Lingaladinne

Associate Professor, Neonatologist, Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad

Dr. Sneha Madasu

Pediatrician, IBCLC, Nurture Network, Hyderabad

Dr. Satyanaryana Bhamidipati

Pediatrician, Ankura Hospital Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Dr. Sanjeev Upadhaya

Member - SHF, Former Health Specialist, UNICEF and USAID

Dr. Tejo Pratap Oleti

Joint Secretary - SHF, Neonatology, Fernandez Hospital , Hyderabad

Dr. Kanya Mukhopadhyay

Professor, Neonatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh

Dr. Sushma Malik

Board Director, ILCA ( International Lactation Consultants Association) & President, BPNI Maharashtra
Ex -HOD, BYL Nair Hospital

Dr. Kesavulu Kannaihagari

BPNI National Trainer
Eminent Pediatrician, Lactation Counsellor


  • Training Emphasis
  • Course Overview
  • Learning Outcomes

Practical and Hand-on Training

Online Sessions:

  • Interactive Online Classes
  • Pre-readouts (recorded sessions + books)

Inaugural Session:

  • Location: Rishihood University
  • Duration: Maximum 5 Days

Practical Classes:

  • One-month Duration
  • Conducted in mentor hospitals


  • Location: Delhi/Rishihood

Elective Option:

  • Global Health Tour

Major Subjects

  • Basics of Lactation
  • Pre-natal Classes (Arya Janani)
  • Milk Banking
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Complimentary Feeds
  • Advanced Lactation
  • Tele Consultation
  • Communication skillsSystem policies and Laws
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Documentation & Statistics
  • Current Trends in Public Health

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand lactation physiology and breastfeeding initiation, managing common breastfeeding challenges and complications effectively.
  • Implement best practices in human milk banking, including collection, processing, and distribution.
  • Assess maternal nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation, provide guidance on appropriate complementary feeding practices.
  • Conduct informative pre-natal classes to prepare expectant mothers for breastfeeding, utilize teleconsultation platforms for remote lactation support.
  • Establish effective communication with breastfeeding mothers and families, navigate cultural and linguistic barriers sensitively.
  • Interpret healthcare policies and legal frameworks impacting lactation support services, advocate for breastfeeding-friendly policies and practices.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills for lactation support services, exhibit leadership qualities to drive change and collaboration.
  • Maintain accurate records of lactation consultations, utilize breastfeeding-related statistics for programmatic decisionsStay updated on global health policies and initiatives related to breastfeeding, analyze emerging trends in maternal and child nutrition.

Knowledge Partners


Dean’s Message

Dear Global Leaders in Lactation Management, It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 1st of its kind course which deals extensively and comprehensively on Lactation Management, Milk Banking and Breastfeeding.

This unique course has been designed by the School of Healthcare of Rishihood University and Sushena Health Foundation in collaboration with Fernandez Foundation, Dhaatri Mothers Milk Bank, NNF, IOG, UNICEF.
Rishihood University is India’s first and only impact university. Rishihood University provides a unique mix of globally relevant education that is rooted in Indian ideas, affordable quality education, and a multi-disciplinary exposure with cutting-edge skills of a specialist.



What is the eligibility criteria for the course?

Applicants must possess one of the following:
– MD
– Physiotherapy certification
– Nutrition certification
– AYUSH certification
– BSc
– MSc
Additionally, 6 seats will be made available for:
– Passionate Mothers (2 seats)
– Enthusiastic Learners from non-biology backgrounds (2 seats)
– Experienced professionals in the field of lactation (2 seats)

How is this a hybrid program?

The 4-month course adopts a hybrid format, combining in-person and online elements for maximum flexibility. It begins with a 5-day residential inaugural session, supplemented by pre-readouts. Weekend online classes provide further learning, while two 15-day hands-on training sessions in Mentor Hospitals offer practical experience. The convocation takes place in Delhi, and participants have the option to join a Global Health Tour elective. This comprehensive structure ensures a well-rounded education, preparing participants for success in the healthcare industry.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available based on the evaluation of candidates’ Statements of Purpose (SOP) and performance in interviews.

What is the schedule and timings for this program?

Duration: 4 Months (15 August to 15 December)

Detailed Schedule:
• 15 August 2024:
o Inauguration + Introductory session (1 hour)
• 26 – 30 August (5 days): Residency-1
o Visit to Rishihood
• 7 – 19 October (13 Days): Hands-on training -1 (Residency 2; Mentor Hospitals)
o Cohort (total = 24) divided into 2 parts:
 12 in Milk bank training
 12 in clinical training
• 2-14 December (13 days): Hands-on training -2 (Residency 3; Mentor Hospitals)

Total Hours: 240 Hours
• Weekend Classes: 72 Hours
• Residency 1: 35 Hours (5 days) 26-30 August
• Residency 2: 84 Hours (12 days) 7 – 19 October (Sunday – Break)
• Residency 3: 84 Hours (12 days) 2 – 14 December (Sunday – Break)

Weekend Sessions Structure:
• Saturday: 1 session – 2 hours
• Sunday: 2 sessions – 4 hours

For inquiries and registration, please contact Poonam Nehra at poonam.n@rishihood.edu.in.

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