STEM Quest: Innovate for tomorrow, beyond a textbook!

Rishihood Hackathon Day 2024

Do you have problem-solving skills that go beyond the classroom? Prove it with the Rishihood Hackathon! Get ready to solve actual challenges in the world of healthcare with your creativity and ingenuity.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone! Brainstorm with the help of your team to push boundaries and discover new possibilities in the world of STEM!

Enabled by 3 Pillars

Step 1

Participating teams will receive problem statements as per the timeline.

Step 2

Teams have to come up with novel solutions to the problems, along with the implementation path. And submit the decks before the given deadline.

Step 3

Present the solution on the day of the hackathon i.e. 30th June 2024 at Rishihood University.

When does it start?

Here are the important list of dates leading up to Hackathon Day:

April 20, 2024

Registration Begins

June 10, 2024

– Registrations Close
– Team Formation Begins

June 20, 2024

Team Formation Ends

June 21, 2024

– Pre Hackathon Info Webinar (Virtual)
– Problem Statement Handout

June 30, 2024

Hackathon Day @Rishihood University

For any questions and/or queries, you can reach out to Poonam Nehra at

So get cracking, get hacking! All the best!

Hackathon Rules & Regulations

1. General Rules and Regulations:
● Submissions must adhere to ethical standards in innovation and development.
● All participants must follow the Rishihood Haci hkathon Code of Conduct.
● Teams are encouraged to collaborate with an interdisciplinary approach, but each team’s submission must be original.

2. Project Requirements:
● Projects must address real-time problem statements provided by Rishihood University.
● Solutions can involve novel tools, technologies, applications, or processes.
● Presentations must be submitted online by the specified deadline and then Presented on the day of the Hackathon.
● Teams must use ethically sourced information and adhere to all relevant safety regulations.

3. Disqualification:
● Violation of any rule or regulation
● Plagiarism or unethical conduct
● Failure to meet deadlines or project requirements

4. Submission Guidelines:
● Each team must submit their respective presentation on the given deadline.
● Presentations on the day of the Hackathon should be well prepared.

5. Expectations for Participants:
● Full engagement in all activities and sessions.
● Professional conduct during presentations and interactions.
● Willingness to explore diverse perspectives and ideas.
● Dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work.
● Actively seek opportunities for learning and networking with peers and industry experts.

Ethical Conduct:

1. Integrity
● Conduct all activities with honesty, integrity, and transparency.
● Avoid plagiarism, unauthorized use of proprietary information, or any other
unethical practices.

2. Safety
● Prioritize safety in all situations. Request for help if & whenever required.
● Understand that failure to adhere to the rules may result in consequences,
including disqualification.

3. Compliance with Rules
3.1 Rules Adherence
● Comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the organizers for the

4. Code of Conduct Violations
4.1 Reporting
● Report any violations of the code of conduct to the organizers promptly.
● Organizers will investigate and take appropriate actions, which may include
warnings, disqualification, or expulsion from the event.
4.2 Organizers’ Discretion
● The organizers reserve the right to take necessary actions to maintain a safe
and respectful environment, including modifying the code of conduct if

5. Intellectual property:
Any intellectual property developed during the hackathon will belong to the team that developed it. The division of intellectual property between team members is the responsibility of the team, and Rishihood University will not be held responsible for any intellectual property disputes between team members.


How Does it Work?

  • Participating teams will be given a problem statement for which they have to find a solution
  • Along with the solution, teams will have to present their method for implementation, and submit their decks before the deadline
  • You and your team will present your solution on Hackathon Day i.e. 1st June at Rishihood University!

Who Can Participate?

  • The Hackathon is open to all school students in Grades 11, 12 or just completed 12th.
  • Students from all streams are eligible.
  • Individuals have to register on a solo basis, teams will be formed later on as per the given timeline.

What’s the Presentation Criteria?

  • Problem-focused: Understand the problem entirely from multiple perspectives
  • Propose a unique and viable solution not currently available
  • Show how the solution can address the problem effectively
  • Communicate the solution in a well-organized and easy-to-understand manner
  • Use visuals (charts, graphs, etc.) to support your presentation effectively
  • Passionate and persuasive: Demonstrate enthusiasm for the solution
  • Be prepared to answer questions from judges regarding your solution

What’s the Judging Criteria?

  • Understanding of the problem
  • Complete knowledge about the proposed solution
  • Clarity and effectiveness of the presentation
  • Team collaboration and communication skills

*Judges are ultimately free to make decisions based on their assessment of which projects are the most impressive and worthy of recognition.

*All participants will receive participation certificates.

*Teams that do not submit the presentation before the given deadline will not be eligible for participation certificates.

What will we win?

There will be an awards ceremony for the following categories:

  • Grand Prize
  • Runner-up
  • Most Innovative Solution
  • Best Presentation
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