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Bachelor of Optometry Course

Bachelor of Optometry is a four-year Undergraduate Programme offered by the School of Healthcare at Rishihood University. Optometry deals with the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system. It is a vision care science.

One can also define it as the science of eye equipment (including lenses and spectacles) which is imbued with the idea of improving the vision of the human eye and remove all kinds of obstacles of sight which an individual may experience. This is a dynamic and challenging career, which allows one to help people achieve personal growth, community respect, job flexibility, financial success and offers virtually unlimited opportunities for career enhancement.

The programme is designed to develop multipurpose ophthalmic manpower at a paramedical level. The training will enable a student to become a competent person in providing service as an Optician, Optometrist, Refractionist and Ophthalmic Associate to the community in urban, semi-urban and rural settings in private, semi-Governmental and Governmental sectors.

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Eligibility: 10+2 of CBSE/state board or equivalent in Science with minimum 60% marks
  • Fee: ₹1,20,000 Per Annum
  • Hostel: Optional


Semester – I
  1. General Anatomy
  2. General Physiology
  3. General Biochemistry
  4. Geometrical Optics – I
  5. Nutrition
  6. English and Communication
  7. General Physiology (Lab.)
  8. Geometrical Optics – I (Lab.)
Semester II
  1. Ocular Anatomy
  2. Ocular Physiology
  3. Ocular Biochemistry
  4. Physical Optics
  5. Geometrical Optics – II
  6. Ocular Physiology (Lab.)
  7. Ocular Biochemistry (Lab.)
  8. Physical Optics (Lab.)
  9. Geometrical Optics – II (Lab.)
  10. Basics of Computers (Lab.)
  11. Clinical Optometry – I (Lab.)
Semester III
  1. Ocular Microbiology
  2. Visual Optics – I
  3. Optometric Optics – I
  4. Optometric Instruments
  5. Ocular Disease – I
  6. Clinical Examination of Visual System
  7. Indian Medicine and Telemedicine
  8. Clinical Optometry – II (Lab)
Semester IV
  1. Optometric Optics – II & Dispensing Optics
  2. Visual Optics – II
  3. Ocular Disease – II and Glaucoma
  4. Pathology
  5. Basic and Ocular Pharmacology
  6. Introduction to Quality & Patients Safety
  7. Medical Psychology
  8. Clinical Optometry – III (Lab)
Semester V
  1. Contact Lens – I
  2. Low Vision Care
  3. Geriatric Optometry & Pediatric Optometry
  4. Binocular Vision – I
  5. Systemic Disease
  6. Research Methodology & Biostatistics
  7. Contact Lens – I (Lab)
  8. Low Vision Care (Lab)
  9. Clinical Optometry – IV (Lab)
Semester VI
  1. Contact Lens – II
  2. Binocular Vision – II
  3. Public Health & Community Optometry
  4. Occupational Optometry
  5. Medical Law and Ethics
  6. Research Projects – I
  7. Contact Lens – II (Lab)
  8. Binocular Vision – II (Lab)
  9. Clinical Optometry – V (Lab)
Semester VII
  1. B Opt Internship – I
  2. Research Projects – I
Semester VIII
  1. B Opt Internship – II
  2. Research Projects – II
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