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BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology also called Clinical Laboratory Science is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. The BSc Medical Laboratory Technology programme aims to provide efficient and balanced training in laboratory medicine. Students receive a stimulating, challenging and supportive academic experience alongside a fulfilling and enjoyable social life.

The Programme of study enhances student’s knowledge and skills in several major areas of medical laboratory technology. The degree in medical laboratory technology provides advanced skills to practising laboratory professionals in health administration, leadership, conflict management, quality assurance and health informatics. Aim of the program is to teach and train students in the management of operation theatre along with handling a variety of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.

Career options post-graduation include Laboratory Technician, an Assistant Lab Technician, Technology Manager, Laboratory Manager, Research Associate, Medical-record Technician, Laboratory Testing Manager, and many more.

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