How to create an entrepreneurial mindset among students

An entrepreneurial mindset is how entrepreneurs think and act. It allows individuals to identify and benefit from opportunities, change course, review mistakes when the situation requires, and learn and move forward. For some, an entrepreneurial mindset may provide a foundation to begin their business projects, while, for others, it may help them excel in whatever job they take up.

Philosophically, it should be seen as unlocking our innate potential.

Entrepreneurship has come into the limelight for some years now, especially while we face uncertain times-such as Covid-19 and a rapidly changing world. We also know that entrepreneurship is the key to better economic and social growth in any nation.

Educators, too, are fast realising the importance of preparing students to succeed in this turbulent global environment. Students need to keep pace with this fast-changing world to build their careers and a better society.

Experts believe that, for students to acquire these new and evolving skills, teachers must help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset. But experts also warn against bringing a typical business school approach into the classroom.

Entrepreneurship education should begin at an early age and gradually move forward through different education levels for students to imbibe a process of lifelong learning. Because of its growing importance, India’s draft National Education Policy (NEP), 2019, has outlined some unique steps that should be taken to include it in school curriculums.

Entrepreneurship knowledge may not make every person an entrepreneur, but it will surely nurture an innovative mindset that helps one to excel in education and life beyond school.

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