Identify the Problem: Lessons from an Entrepreneur

Daniel Khachab, co-founder and CEO of Berlin-based unicorn, Choco, visited Rishihood University and delivered a talk on entrepreneurship.

Daniel shared his story of how he and his cofounders came together to start Choco. He emphasised the importance of identifying a problem statement and creating solutions for it rather than just trying to find money. The talk was attended by faculty and students of Rishihood along with several young entrepreneurs from the surrounding community. This was an initiative to provide a lifelong learning opportunity and industrial exposure to the listeners.

On the question of nurturing and innovation ecosystem, Daniel shared his experiences from Berlin on how people mentor and support each other to create innovations which then lead to a growth in start-ups. He shared that the availability of capital in Berlin to fund new ventures has improved over time. That requires consistent efforts in nurturing the start-up ecosystem rather than just finding quick buck.

Daniel is visiting India for the first time. He is accompanied by his wife who is also an entrepreneur. His company, Choco, provides software to restaurants and food suppliers with the mission of optimising the food supply chain so that food waste can reduce across the world. The Chief Technology Officer of Choco, Vikas Gupta, also shared his thoughts at the event. Incidentally, Vikas belongs to Sonipat and found this as an opportunity to contribute to the rising entrepreneurial ecosystem of Sonipat.

Rishihood University is pioneering education in entrepreneurship in India. SMEs, family businesses, and start-ups play a big role in India’s economic growth. Even the jobs in these sectors require an entrepreneurial mindset. start-up revolution in India has begun. This is the right time to encourage and train the young minds to become more and more entrepreneurial. This is what the school of entrepreneurship at Rishihood is attempting to do.