Incubation and Venture Funding
Startup in College Life?
The right time to build a startup is now.

At Rishihood, we promote an entrepreneurial mindset and support students from all areas of study to venture into the area of new business formation through incubation & funding. Many of today’s most successful business people had their beginnings as college start-ups and we, at Rishihood University, are here to support such initiatives from the students.

Funding Your Startup

Funding is central to the survival and sustenance of any organization. Seed funding at the Rishihood University Incubation Center provides capital for the startups of our students. This support is provided by the University in the form of office space, facilities, and mentorship to help the start-up take off.



Rishihood has its own Incubation Center not only for the students at the School of Entrepreneurship but for all the students, faculty, and alumni.




Besides angel and venture funding for student start-ups, the university promotes funding ideas such as crowdfunding, micro venture capital firms, network funding, government-backed business loans, bank-funded personal loans.


Irrespective of which degree program you are pursuing, we encourage you to always develop an entrepreneurial mindset and develop a risk-taking appetite.

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