Indian Psychology, Yoga & Consciousness By Jigneshkumar Bharatbhai Patel

The candidate had applied for internship at the IKS division of AICTE and chosen Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, as his mentor. After the completion, he submitted the project to the IKS division of AICTE.

Internship title:- Indian psychology, Yoga & consciousness

  1. yoga sutra toward science
  2. yoga for a human being

Studying Sanskrit B.A. in BAOU Ahmedabad,
yoga instructor and teacher (QCI qualified)

Director, Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University, Sonipat


Presented Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness Project has been prepared by doing

the research study on two main subjects. An attempt has been made to look at such knowledge that some human beings can do society’s work. One of the many texts and studies in the Yoga Shastra and Indian knowledge tradition is the Patanjal Yoga Sutras produced by Patanjali. It has been studied in two main formats, which were written almost 2000 years ago, which are as follows

1 Yoga Sutras Towards Science

2 Yoga Sutras for Human Beings

In the first format, some science-related theories have been introduced to understand some of

the science-related theories in the Yoga Sutras, such as Astronomy, Futurology & Relativity, and last but not least, Ashta Siddhi, which was crucial in Yoga Shastra.

About 195 Sanskrit sutras in the Yoga Sutras guide human beings to lead better life. Some

aspects of that yoga system have been told about the superpowers found at some level and where are they obtained from studies, in which some siddhis have a direct connection with some theories of science, which have been tried to bring to the fore.

In the second format, the Yoga Sutras, i.e., how Yoga is a form of help for humanity, it has

been told that to run a machine, the company gives a guide book with it, in the same way, God hasgiven Yoga to make human life to be the best. Apart from this, it has also been told in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, ||तस्भाद्मोगीबवार्जुन||

An attempt has been made to understand Yoga in the right way. It has been tried to break the

misconceptions about Yoga in the society, how Yoga is a helpful form to make human life successful from conceptual, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, it has been described. Went As the results and conclusions of this project, the scientific elements and socially helpful knowledge that have been in the Indian knowledge tradition will be exposed to everyone, the medium of bringing the knowledge base of Sanskrit in our knowledge tradition in front of everyone will be a medium which this IKS internship will do.

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