Innovative Initiatives

Gap Year Program

Rishihood’s Gap Year Program is a unique and innovative self-discovery program to nurture a better orientation towards academic and work life. Students, after completing school, are provided with a year-long structured program of exploration, leadership development, unlearning and learning.  The program targets to equip the students with the tools, skills and habits for self-reliant adulthood.

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Design Fellowship

The innate nature of humans is to be creative. In the era of technology, machines will become the workforce. One domain that will always need human visioning and execution is creativity. The one-year interdisciplinary fellowship in creativity is designed to prepare innovative & creative leaders and entrepreneurial artists.

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Researcher’s Home

It is well-accepted that academic research has contributed enormously to find solutions to many problems faced by our society and industries. The need for sharing knowledge between research institutions and industry has become increasingly evident. In view of this, Rishihood University has established the Researcher’s Home on its campus.

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Humans aspire for something higher. This is the drive behind human actions and innovation. Rishihood is a medium for our people to realize their aspirations, evolve as a person, and get consumed through self-expression. We are here to create something which will outlast us and leave a legacy for future generations.

The core reason for our existence is to positively impact the lives of our students and society at large through innovative initiatives. The people at Rishihood are passionate to explore, innovate and help others grow. We understand the other person and focus our energy to create innovative opportunities for learning and evolution for everyone. As an institution and as individuals, we are here to facilitate our everyone’s growth

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