Rishihood is collaborating with like-minded institutions globally. This fosters education, research and transfer of knowledge for a sustainable future.

Vice Chancellor Ph.D. Northeastern University, Boston

These collaborations will provide an opportunity for students, teachers, and researchers to collaborate both in teaching and research to solve some of the most challenging problems of contemporary times.

Prof. Dr. Kamlesh Misra
Vice Chancellor

Ural State Agrarian University, Russia

Rishihood University and Ural State Agrarian University, Yekaterinburg, Russia have signed an MoU to provide a platform for students, teachers and researchers to hold joint scientific seminars and conferences; assist in the establishment of scientific cooperation; render mutual aid in the increase of scientific qualifications of teachers and researchers; and carry out the exchange of students, teachers, and researchers. Our agreement also covers a number of areas as joint publications, joint research projects and exchange of publication materials. Both institutions have agreed that scientific cooperation will be carried out based on a thematic working program jointly approved by the respective institutions.

Kyungdong University, South Korea

Recognizing the value of international cooperation in the field of higher education and to promote internationalization from the very first year of its inception, Rishihood has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement for academic cooperation with Kyungdong University, South Korea. Our agreement covers three areas of Student exchange, Exchange of Faculty and Researchers, and joint research and resource sharing.

Students have an option of taking a transfer to study at the Kyungdong University in South Korea in a format of (1+3) or a (2+2). Under this scheme, students can complete their first one or two years at the Rishihood Campus and take a credit transfer to the South Korea campus of the University to complete the remaining program of total 4 years. Those students who take a transfer will be provided a scholarship of 70 percent of the tuition during the first semester and based on performance in the subsequent year. Students can also do part-time jobs subject to the government and the University regulations. 

In the area of faculty exchange, the two parties agree to promote faculty and researchers to spend time at each other’s campus and promote academic excellence and knowledge exchange. Such visits will also promote joint research between the two institutions. 

Kaospilot, Denmark

Rishihood University has also signed an MoU with Kaospilot School, Denmark to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial programs which serve to enhance the intellectual life and cultural development on both campuses and to contribute to increased international cooperation between the two Institutions. Our partnership will explore possibilities to

  • cooperate in the exchange of information in teaching, learning and research in fields of mutual interests;
  • promote appropriate joint research projects and joint courses of study, with particular emphasis on internationally funded projects;
  • endeavour to encourage students and staff to spend periods of time in the host University; and
  • conduct joint cultural projects and study tours.

Kaospilot School, Aarhus is a hybrid business and design school and centre on students’ potential to develop and to achieve – tapping into their creativity, giving it a direction, creating a setting that will get them there and navigate the uncertainties that will follow.



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