Is the MBA Program Relevant Today?

Is the MBA Program Relevant Today?

Are you confused about whether to opt for a degree in Master of Business Administration? While the pandemic has made everyone doubt it, an MBA is as relevant today as it was years ago. Management degrees are changing how they’re designed and structured to provide students with the necessary specialized knowledge and leadership skills for success in a business world that is constantly evolving and getting competitive. Studying for an MBA today prepares one to think strategically, innovatively and critically.  

With the increasing technological and digital transformation in businesses, MBA programs are being tailored with methods like experiential learning, interactive learning experiences and a strong focus on soft skills. Educational Institutions like Rishihood University are changing their management pedagogical approach and methodology to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset in students. Here’s how the MBA programs are evolving, making the degree as relevant as before: 

Curriculum Changes 

The corporate world is changing every day due to the rapid development of technology. From AI and machine learning to cloud computing, many new skills have come up that every graduate must know. So, the curriculum structure upgrades based on global happenings and includes subjects that will be helpful to graduates in the industry. 

Industry Collaboration 

Students should be ready for any complex, ambiguous or uncertain situations they will face in the VUCA world. To ensure that they are well-equipped to handle any challenges that come their way, educational institutions are staying updated with the industry happenings and tying up with them to give students a chance to learn from industry leaders’ experiences. Rishihood University organizes workshops and speaker sessions with industry leaders who provide guidance and talk to them about the business world. Universities encourage students to go beyond their comfort zone with practical learning and an exchange of ideas to help them build their leadership skills.  

Global Experiences

The business world demands good communication skills, interpersonal skills and opinions based on global understanding. Such skills have pushed educational institutions to create a more diversified learning environment and provide students with worldwide interaction. To make this possible, many universities have opened up exchange programs and tie-ups with international institutions for global projects providing students with global learning to build into leadership characteristics and communication skills. 

These few changes transform the face of the MBA program for entrepreneurs and future leaders. While curriculum changes, global interaction and industry tie-ups will build a graduate’s management characteristics, there are still old advantages which stand true for studying an MBA today: 


This factor stands true even today as graduates need to network with people who can help them achieve success and become a part of community professionals. An MBA degree involves connecting with industry professionals and learning about the necessary resources required to upscale their business ideas and have support for guidance as they enter the business world. 


While the MBA program began as a general management learning experience, it has evolved, opening up opportunities for specializing in a subject which interests students. An MBA helps them gain an in-depth understanding of what kind of management is essential for each industry. Specializing gives you a kickstart in the career path to excel in the subject of your choice. 


Many students pursue an MBA degree to expand their skills and upgrade their role in any company they wish to join. Graduates can live up to companies’ expectations for their senior positions. An MBA degree in the CV clearly shows the founders or HR that you have a business background and interpersonal skills and make sound decisions in any challenging situations. 


At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you do with your MBA degree. Do you use it just to climb the corporate ladder or do you utilize the learnings gained in the program to create a futuristic imprint on Society? Leaders who are driven by the vision and passion to create large-scale impact go on to build the future. Look for a program that gives wings to your passion and lets you soar high towards an Impactful career. 

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