Jal Fellowship Modules

Fellowship Calendar - 40 Weeks

Week (Total Weeks) Activity  Location
0-1 (1 week) Orientation Face to face classroom
Session 1
2-3 (2 weeks) Training Face to face classroom
4-15 (12 weeks) Field Work  Local District
Session 2
16-17 (2 weeks) Training Face to face classroom
18-29 (12 weeks) Field Work  Local District
Session 3
30 (1 week) Training Face to face classroom
31-38 (8 weeks) Elective Project Local District
39-40 (2 weeks) Final Presentation & Felicitation  Face to face classroom


Module 1: Understanding Water & Role of Water User

Module 2: Evolution of Water Systems 

Module 3: Water Governance

Module 4: Community Mobilization & Engagement

Module 5: Understanding the local Water Challenges

Module 6: Water Technology & Nature Based Solutions

Module 7: Water Linkages to Biodiversity 

Module 8: Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship

Career Paths

The jal fellowship is a unique platform where youth can create successful career opportunities for them. This is in the form of:

  1. Launching your startup in water and environment
  2. Joining social organizations
  3. Proving consultancy services
  4. Working with the government and multi-lateral organizations

The fellowship provides support in the form of mentorship, fund, and network for a successful and sustainable career.

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