Being yourself is not easy because we all have two sides to us, the inner and the outer. I have always been fascinated by this fact and have done a lot of introspection to find a balance between the two self of me. I have tried at each step to ensure that my outer self and the inner self are at peace with each other. I realized that the inner self speaks the truth whereas the outer self speaks what you want it to speak. I also find that the inner self guides me to my development and helps me understand myself. But the outer self pushes us to be what others want us to be. This is the time that the divergence in our life begins to take shape within ourselves. I sometimes start wondering why people just don’t want to be themselves, what is it that makes them think of being something that they are not. There is no easy answer to this question as everyone has their own interpretation and feels that they are always right.

In recent months I have come across so many people that I feel so sorry about but then I also get to meet people that I feel so good about. I once asked a person, what is it that makes you feel good about yourself?  His/her answer was my own achievements. I got thinking about it and one thought always kept coming to my mind that if life is all about our own achievements or should some part of it be devoted to the achievements of others as well? A very close friend told me once that no one cares about what you do for others. But why should I care about others caring for what I do for them? Would this not be a self-defeating purpose? I was always told that you do good to others not because you want them to recognize it but because you derive a level of satisfaction from what you do.

I tried a lot with some people in the last few months but unfortunately, I had to let them go because they could not get out of the situation that there is a  life beyond self and would not want to learn. I still feel sorry for it that I was not able to spend more time talking to them and helping them come out of their self-centred nature. These are people who believe that the more problem they can create, the more they will be required.

I have always found that your best part of life is to be yourself. This is the most difficult task that a person has at hand at any point in time. To my readers, I will only say that you try and develop a frequency between your outer self and the inner self. Ensure that they both speak the same language. Remember that you can win people only when you let them know what you are. Your positions, designations, the money and other things in life cannot get you what you want. Just being yourself gets you more in life than any position or designation. Be yourself and don’t you ever demand respect from others, just work towards earning their respect by being yourself. Some will still not like you and that is ok, everyone is not required to like you. Just be natural and don’t try and play. God and you will see how your world begins to change. 

Happy Reading

Prof Kamlesh Misra

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