Learner’s Park; Shobhit Mathur of Rishihood University on pros and cons in India’s education system

Shobhit Mathur, vice chancellor, Rishihood University, shares his views on pros and cons in India’s education system system with FE Education Online.

What is the best thing about today’s education system?

The increased access to technology and its quick integration by higher education institutions is a net positive. Students have access to a wealth of information and institutions have the ability to involve experts globally. The caveat is on how to best deploy the improved technology without losing the human experience of learning.

Higher education has got restricted to providing skills and jobs. Education has become transactional – the student pays a fee and gets a degree and a job in return. This is not the vision of education that this land had. It was supposed to be a process to manifest the innate potential that the student has. Today, this larger purpose of education is not talked about or given lip service. Terms like multidisciplinarity are used in the context of employability. The education system of India traditionally was always mutli-disciplinary but the purpose was not employability. It was to transform the individual and give him/her a higher purpose in life. We should bring back the original purpose of education.

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