Makers Undergrad Program with Minor in Computer Science & AI

India’s First Interdisciplinary Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and AI

Makers Undergrad – BBA at Rishihood University along with a Minor in CS and AI prepares students to succeed in business and technology.

  • Extensive practical experience and industry connections
  • Entrepreneurial support and venture funding
  • Tech labs, makers space, and co-working space
  • Complimentary Apple MacBook – Your Walking Lab

Makers Undergrad with a Tech Minor Vs Traditional Degrees

FeatureMakers Undergrad with
CS and AI Minor
Regular B.Tech CS and AIRegular BBA
FocusEntrepreneurial Mindset and Startup CreationTechnical and Theoretical Computer Science and AIGeneral Business Administration
CurriculumCombines business, entrepreneurship, and technologyPrimarily focused on computer science and AI coursesBroad business management courses
FacultyTaught by industry experts and experienced faculty with high industry exposureTaught by academic faculty with low or average industry exposureTaught by academic faculty with occasional guest lectures from industry
InternshipSemester-long paid internshipSummer internship (paid or unpaid)Summer internship (paid or unpaid)
Interdisciplinary ApproachBlends business management, technology, and design thinkingFocuses on technical aspects with some interdisciplinary electivesFocus on business disciplines with limited technical exposure
Entrepreneurial SupportAccess to a $5M startup fund, incubation, mentorship, and networking eventsLimited entrepreneurial support, mostly theoretical knowledgeSome entrepreneurial courses, but limited practical support
Skill DevelopmentEmphasizes soft skills, leadership, negotiation, personal branding, and design thinkingEmphasizes technical skills in programming, machine learning, and AIEmphasizes management skills, marketing, finance, and HR
Career OutcomesEquips students to become entrepreneurs, startup founders, and innovative leadersPrepares students for roles in tech companies, research, and developmentPrepares students for roles in management, marketing, finance, and consulting
Unique Courses“Social Media for Entrepreneurs,” “Design Tools for Businesses,” “Tech Tools for Teams,” “Courses related to Computer ScienceCourses related to business management
Real-World ApplicationStrong focus on applying knowledge to real-world challenges and building businessesFocus on technical problem-solving and applications in the tech industryFocus on business strategy and management practices
CS&AI CoursesEnhances business curriculum with technical expertise in CS&AI, making students versatileThe central focus, but lacks business and entrepreneurial integrationOptional or elective, limited integration with core business curriculum

The Makers’ Undergrad Program with a Minor in Computer Science & AI at Rishihood University is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. With a hands-on approach to learning and a focus on innovation, this program offers a unique opportunity to blend creativity with technical expertise. Join us at Rishihood University and take the first step towards a future in technology and innovation.

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