As part of our commitment to providing a well-rounded education, we offer minors in various subjects designed to complement and enhance our core curriculum. These minors are available to all students and offer an opportunity to explore new areas of interest, develop new skills, and deepen your understanding of a particular subject. In addition, learners can pick up at least one elective in a semester that can be completed in a year.

In addition to our minors, we offer a range of leadership and impact programs that help students develop the skills and experience they need to impact the world positively. Our leadership programs focus on developing communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. These skills are essential for success in any field, and our leadership programs allow students to develop them in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Computer Science

The computer science minor at Rishihood University is designed for students interested in the technical aspects of computing. Through a series of courses, students will learn about programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks. This minor is an excellent choice for students interested in careers in software engineering, data science, or cybersecurity.

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