My journey to attain Rishihood begins

I am a student of the BA (Hons) Education program at Rishihood University. What attracted me to pursue my graduation from Rishihood University is that it offers a diverse environment to learn, explore and play. I wanted to study with the best minds, and I thought Rishihood University would provide me with a holistic view of the world. It did that and has given me so much more!

The BA (Hons) Education program offered the specialization I was looking for. Rishihood also has a sports facility that I needed the most. I belong to Kishora, Sonipat and come from a humble background. My father is a farmer, and my mother, a homemaker. I love playing football, and my other hobbies include dancing and art and crafts.

I genuinely believe that there are several other avenues, beyond academics, that a human being should explore to build a holistic personality. I want to turn my passion for playing football into a full-time job as I want to ensure that I am doing something I enjoy and love.
I have played football till the national level. I have been playing since I was in school and have represented my school at the district level, followed by the state level. My biggest achievement, so far, has been played my first National in Odisha and won the 3rd position with a cash prize of Rs 1 Lakh given to me by the Chief Minister of Haryana. This was a moment of utmost joy for me. I got a chance to showcase my passion and represented my school at the national level in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Noida. I have played five nationals, including the two where I represented Haryana and the CBSE. I have participated at the states level and have demonstrated my skills in arts and crafts as well.

Education is an experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, and physical ability of an individual. I joined the BA (Hons.) program at Rishihood because it combines both the art and science of sports and education. The curriculum is versatile and provides opportunities to explore all kinds of activities, be it cultural, sports or academic. The coronavirus outbreak has taught me to be grateful for the things I have in my life and the opportunity of beginning my graduation at Rishihood University is one of them.

My experience at Rishihood has truly been enriching. I have learnt many new things in a short period. I have explored various opportunities for personal growth and development in the academic domain along with expanding my horizons beyond the classroom. I am on this exciting path of discovering new opportunities that the university has to offer. The depth and detail of what we are learning are far beyond my high school experience. Professors at the School of Education have real-world experience outside of academia and it shows in the way they engage with students.


Emanshi Antil is a student of BA (Hons.) Education program at the School of Education, Rishihood University.

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