New Age Careers need New Age Thinking

The world is a dynamic place driven by technology. Today, humans and machines work together to bring about further advancements in technology that will change the present and future forever. Since the inclusion of the Internet and Social Media into our daily lives, society has changed unimaginably. Everyone has been affected by the Social Media Revolution, as it has affected jobs and professions around us. The market is no more a physical place where buyers and sellers interact. Instead, the world has come to our fingertips. Anything and everything today is just a tap away.

This change has disrupted every conventional thought or concept we previously had. Several professions lost their relevance forever, and newer ones came into existence. Huge companies had to shut down because there was no one buy their products. While a plethora of new-age technical products, that were hard to imagine a decade back, have come up. The world is no longer fragmented by political or geographical boundaries but has transformed into a Global Village where everyone is connected to the other. Therefore, it has become very necessary that we wait for a while and think about the journey we have made so far and realize that it is time to start thinking about the future.

In this age of Automation, machines compete with humans in almost every possible field and even excel in some. There is no doubt that machines save time and resources while not compromising on efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. But, few subjects still require human intervention on a large scale. Creativity, Analytical Skills and Soft Skills are a few areas where machines haven’t been able to catch up with humans. However, the current Indian workforce severely lags in all these areas. There is a serious dearth of people who can communicate properly, think critically, analyse and create. Hence, we are unable to make it to the desired destination at the right time.

To make things happen in the right way, we need more people who think and act out of the box. The modern world has modern problems, all of which require modern solutions. There are many technology-based companies and enterprises that cater to the needs and problems of modern life. Hundreds of new career options have come up to fill the positions in these high-tech organizations. But the most we need is an entrepreneurial bent of mind that can identify problems, find feasible solutions, gasp opportunities, take risks and think ahead of time. In simple words, we need catalysts who can lead and guide, and bring about observable changes in society. Only then we can assure ourselves of a sustainable future.

The future is not a dystopian land of nothingness, but a world of new thoughts and ideas. The future does not come out of nowhere but has to be created with utmost care and responsibility. And education is the way to create the future. To align with the rapidly changing world, education too has to upgrade itself to adapt to and accommodate the developments happening around. Educationalists and Institutions need to come up with innovative solutions and pedagogies that match the current trends and will also satisfy the future. Gone are the days when educational institutes used to manufacture workforce for the industry.

New-age schools and colleges have come up with innovative courses that train students in soft skills and help them identify their passions. Students today eagerly take the road less taken, think out of the box and do things differently. They have made peace with the dynamic environment and are adapting to the necessary changes. They accommodate thoughts and ideas different from those of the past generation. In a nutshell, new age students are transforming themselves into new age professionals who will lead the future.