Om Meditation – A Powerful Gift of Yogaśāstra-s to the Modern World By Damini Roy

The candidate had applied for internship at the IKS division of AICTE and chosen Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, as her mentor. After the completion, she submitted the project to the IKS division of AICTE.

Internship title: Om Meditation – A Powerful Gift of Yogaśāstra-s to the Modern World

Intern name: Damini Roy
Designation: Year I Student, Masters degree in Yoga Therapy
Organisational Affiliation: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Samsthana (S-VYASA)

Director, Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University, Sonipat


This research project started with the main aim to examine the roots, and shine a light on Indian
psychological conceptions of the human mind and consciousness by a study of the symbolic
meaning of Om, as well as lay out a few practical recommendations and ideas to carry forward
the gems of the Yogaśāstra-s into our modern context.

The scope of this research was to:

  1. highlight key sutras from the Yogaśāstra-s that expound upon the semiotic significance of
    Om in the study of the human mind and consciousness
  2. interview experts to uncover the subtler meaning and symbolism of Om, as well as
    enumerate the therapeutic benefits of the sound of Om– so that the relevance of an
    ancient, powerful practice such as Om meditation may be rediscovered in present times
  3. create a prototype for an interactive card game to pique the interest of people in
    discovering the practice of Om meditation
  4. identify future areas of study, collaboration, community engagement and examination for
    researchers to contribute further to the Bhartiya Jnana Parampara
    The results of this report are the insights derived from the main scriptural references on Om
    meditation, followed by learning gleaned upon conversations with philosophy and spirituality
    professors at S-VYASA University and S-VYASA Anveshana Research Institute, as well as with
    yoga therapists from Aarogyadhama Wellness Centre, Bengaluru.
    In conclusion, there are numerous reasons to revive the ancient practice of Om meditation and
    this report shares the insights in detail. The main aspect to explore for future studies is how to
    make such a practice more secular within the community at-large.
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