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“All of us are products of our childhood”    

                                                                                       Michael Jackson

With Rishihood University’s Motto ‘Education for Impact’ in focus, the School of Education has taken up the responsibility of catering to the need of such parents and caregivers involved in parenting and teaching children belonging to the age group of 2yrs to 10 yrs and is offering a 30 Hour Certificate Course on PARVARISH – Parenting in the 21st Century.

Parenting is an amazingly challenging and complex job. This certificate course has been specially designed for parents, teachers, social workers, and caregivers of this age group (2 – 10 yrs) to take up this challenge with ease and enjoy parenthood. The course will make them learn the power of relationships and how to use it. The course provides them with the opportunity to develop a mentoring mindset and how it can be a powerful influence on these young children. They will also learn how to instill great values in their children and have a deeper and more loving relationship with them. The course has been designed to help them in learning the cutting-edge tools, strategies and techniques that will make them the best parent they can be. This course will make sure that parents, teachers and social workers are up to date with knowledge and skills required in early childhood care and education and how best they can protect, educate and nourish their children.

The certificate course in ‘PARVARISHParenting in 21ST Century’ also focuses on child psychology, health, nutrition, and routine management as parents have a key role to play in facilitating and guiding the learning and development of children.

This intensive 30 hours Online Certificate Course spread over a period of 10 weeks is designed to acquaint participants with both theoretical and practical aspects of Early Childhood Care and Education. The participants will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to creatively work with children from age 2-10 years.

The sessions will be conducted every week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each session will be followed by a question-answer and discussion round. The course will be conducted both in synchronous and asynchronous mode. There will be short fun-filled quizzes, and assignments for participants to assess their progress.

Expected Outcomes :

After successful completion of the course the participants will be able to; Recognize the foundational and theoretical underpinnings of early care and learning and apply its implication in providing a suitable learning environment and parvarish

  • Enlist the types and benefits of the early play
  • Analyze the strengths of the play-way approach for the holistic development of children
  • Identify pedagogical techniques and skill-set in the planning and administration of the routine of a child.
  • Apply the pedagogical techniques keeping the milestones of the child’s development and learning into consideration
  • Explore the effective strategies in promoting the smooth and effective transition of the child to the next level of learning.
  • Document the assessment after observing the young children to make informed decisions.
  • Define and Demonstrate being an early childhood educator

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