Aditi Olemann

Myelin Foundry

Aditi Olemann is one of the co-founders and heads Marketing for Myelin Foundry, a deep tech edge AI company in the space of Media and Entertainment. Prior to starting Myelin, Aditi was part of the technology and innovation team in Tata Sons – the holding company of the Tata group. She has been responsible for setting up and managing the Tata Group University Collaborations Program – a unique multi-million dollar innovation initiative for early-stage research partnerships with global universities with the participation of 6 companies. She was active in setting up the initiative, on-boarding multiple companies, managing, and expanding the program.

She was also part of the Corporate Strategy and Innovation team at Roche and has worked towards implementing new strategies across the organisation, creating required frameworks and tools to managing the strategy process.

Mentor Aditi completed her undergrad in Electronics Engineering from IIT Guwahati where she was particularly interested in signal processing. Her bachelor thesis project revolved around EEG monitoring. She published an IEEE paper in 2012 and also won the 2012 GE Edison Challenge for her commendable work on the thesis. She post-graduated in management with a rigorous and analytical understanding of general management frameworks from London Business School.

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