Ajay Gupta

Founder & CEO—Bachpan Play Schools, Academic Heights Public Schools and Hum Honge Kamyab Foundation

Ajay Gupta is an edupreneur and philanthropist who has founded several ventures aimed at providing quality education across all age groups, from playschool to college.

Under Ajay Gupta’s leadership, Bachpan Play School runs 1000 playschools in India, while Academic Heights Public School oversees more than 100 formal schools.

Confronted with a disability due to polio in his childhood, Ajay Gupta passionately champions disability issues. His sincere interest and vision for delivering high-quality education led him to co-found Rishihood University. Ajay has inspired self-belief in people by serving as a living example of achieving success through his own efforts. He is renowned for his futuristic and innovative ideas.

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