Akshay Chopra

Managing Partner, Investor

Akshay is a serial venture builder, angel investor, board director, and fintech executive. A renowned industry figure and thought leader, Akshay has built fintech ventures, patents, partnerships, and innovation hubs globally, and his insights have extensively featured in Tier 1 media.

As Managing Parnter of 237 Ventures, Akshay invests in and builds tech ventures globally, and advises innovative governments and organizations.

Akshay is an experienced independent board director, including for regulated and audited entities. These Fuze Finance, VARA-regulated blockchain solution provider funded by Further Ventrues. He also serves on the boards of MENA FinTech Association (recognized by 22 central banks), and Numuun.io.
Akshay’s career highlights include roles such as VP of Innovation & Crypto Solutions for Visa CEMEA. Akshay is also an investor in 237 Ventures and frequently invests in startups in FinTech, blockchain, AI, and SpaceTech.

Akshay spent over 8 years at Visa, establishing their Innovation, Digital Partnerships, and Crypto Solutions functions, initially in Asia-Pacific and then CEMEA. This includes building Visa’s award-winning Innovation Centers and teams in Singapore, Dubai, Kenya, Russia, and Riyadh.

Akshay holds 7 global patents in the FinTech and payments, and has served in various digital leadership capacities in Asia-Pacific and EMEA. He has played a key role in the development of numerous commercially successful products in eCommerce and digital banking.

Tier 1 global media outlets have extensively covered Akshay’s work and thought leadership; he has been featured in CNN, CNBC, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Financial Times, and more. He is a frequent keynote speaker in world-leading events.

Prior to Visa, Akshay co-founded and led the Deloitte Greenhouse in Southeast Asia, a joint initiative between the Singapore government and Deloitte, focused on analytics-driven innovation. Before Deloitte, Akshay served as Director, Emerging Markets at Gartner, and started his career at Standard & Poor’s.

Akshay holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business and B.A. (Honors) in Economics from the University of Delhi and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Media engagements: https://www.237ventures.com/speaking

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