Anju Jayraj

Director - Outreach & Marketing

Anju has over 14 years of rich experience in the education sector across Business Turnaround, Digital Communication and Branding, Career Counseling, International Education Consulting, Start-up Consulting. She has delivered guest lectures on topics like “Role of women entrepreneurs in a growing economy”, “Social entrepreneurship within and outside organizations”, “”Changing face of Indian education””, “”Entrepreneurial mindsets for new-age professionals””, “”Understanding the Importance of Branding and Communications”” and others in top institutions and organizations.

She is constantly invited as guest speaker to deliver sessions related to interdisciplinary frameworks, entrepreneurship and leadership in leading institutions like AIESEC, NEN etc. As part of the Education industry, Anju has been engaging with students, parents and other stakeholders, and building solutions like career counselling modules, teacher and parent training workshops etc that can help them at every juncture. She has also started and grown the Communications vertical of various institutions, ensuring a growth in awareness of the brands. She believes that Education has the power to transform the nation and as facilitators of education, we have on ourselves, an important obligation to ensure excellence in quality delivery and service to our stakeholders.

Additionally, Anju has hosted, moderated and judged various popular events like Case Study Analysis, Business Behavior, B-Plan contests, Stress Interviews, Panel Discussions, JAM, Quizzes, AD ZAP etc in top institutions across India. She has also played in western music bands as the lead vocalist and continues to sing for herself.

Anju is a hard-core animal and wildlife enthusiast and works closely in animal rescue and welfare through various organizations. As a passion, she works in the area of Dog training and behaviour. She is also an outdoor education facilitator and does programs on Intuition Building and Grounding for corporates and individuals. 

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