Ashok Kumar Thakur

Founder, Muni International School

Mr. Ashok Kumar Thakur was born in Ut tar Pradesh. He is an alumnus of Delhi University and an ex-serviceman.

In 2002 he established an affordable private school Muni International School. He went through personal pain of not being prepared by the education system to achieve his highest potential. He observed that this was common to most people. This drove him passionately to take owner ship of changing the present education methodology that would help in inculcating values and skills in human beings.

One of his most significant contributions has been the simultaneous amalgamation of values and skills in the learning process . This highly coherent combination is the sec ret sauce behind his ‘Change Maker’ school.
Being passionate about the education sector, he left his cushy business and started a school through modest means. Being a hardworking, self-made man his main aim has been to spread education in society and felt the need to start this from the lowest strata of society.