Dr. Lalit B. Singhal

Former Development Commissioner SEZs, Govt. of India, Addl. DGFT, G.O.I, DG | ED | SG of EPCES, SEPC, AEPC respectively

Lalit Singhal is a distinguished professional with a multifaceted career, contributing significantly to academia and holding key positions in various government bodies. As an experienced lecturer, he has imparted knowledge on Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) at prestigious institutions like Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi School of Economics, and National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN). As part of the advisory board, he contributes his expertise to Rishihood University.

Beyond academia, Singhal has held pivotal roles, serving as the Zonal Development Commissioner for Noida SEZ, overseeing all Northern India SEZs, and for Falta SEZ in Kolkata, managing all Eastern India SEZs. His extensive involvement in the development of the SEZ Scheme/Act 2005 and his leadership in export promotion councils underscore his commitment to shaping India’s trade policies and fostering economic growth.

Throughout his career, Dr. Singhal has made key professional contributions. His role as Secretary General of the Apparel Export Promotion Council highlights his commitment to the textile sector, where he engages with the Ministry of Textiles and the Government of India on strategic initiatives and new schemes. Lalit Singhal’s career chronology showcases his diverse experience, from serving as Additional Director General of Foreign Trade to leading export promotion councils and contributing significantly to the formulation of foreign trade policies in India.

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