Dr. NishaKant Ojha

Electronics & Communications and International Relations

Dr Nisha Kant Ojha is currently the advisor International Relations and Adjunct Professor in the School of Entrepreneurship at Rishihood University. He is an expert in Cyber Terrorism & National Securities issues and has in-depth expertise in the core area of National Securities Strategies & Cyber Policies. He is also an Eminent Faculty for Counter-Terrorism & Cyber Security for Para-Military Forces. He also had specialized knowledge of the Cyber functionality of China & Russia. He had completed his Post – Doctorate in the Research area of – IPV6 implementation, Economics Aspects of 4 G implementation, Artificial Intelligence and FGN Technologies from Aalborg University, Denmark.

A Post- Doctorate in Electronics & Communications by qualification, NishaKant has and had extensive work experience in the management field of the telecom sector of India for almost 16+ years covering virtually all facets of telecom services and network. Dr NishaKant has also worked as a regulatory expert for ITU nominated by WPC, DoT Ministry of Communicationsb& IT, Government of India on their behalf and had represented India on a regular basis in Geneva (Switzerland) and in China.

He has also worked as GM in Tata Communications Ltd (erstwhile VSNL), before acting as an Advisor for various countries in APAC & Europe. He was and is now responsible for taking care of overall issues of Cyber-attacks, Cyber-crime, Cybersecurity, Cyber terrorism, Cyber Currencies including data flow & privacy issues.  Dr Ojha has extensive insights in the Geo-Politics of West Asia & Middle East.

Dr Ojha is associated in an advisory capacity to para-military, defence and LEA’s. His research also concentrates on Nation’s Security Policies pertaining to Machine Learning & AI. His specialized areas include Radio Regulatory affairs for new technologies, Radio mobile communications, Dynamic spectrum management, Defense & National Securities, Technologies Converges Policy Analysis, Cyber Security-T threat, Commercial Negotiation, Licensing and Regulatory policies and extensive knowledge about Telecom, Defense Automation and Broadcasting Regulatory Law.

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