Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Chandra

Dean and Professor, School of Education

Dr. Chandra’s distinguished research career spans the fields of cognition, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, where he has made numerous significant contributions. His work has consistently focused on addressing complex human-machine challenges, and we are confident that his expertise will further strengthen Rishihood University’s mission of creating social and public impact.

As an institution that emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to education and research, Dr. Chandra’s interdisciplinary background perfectly aligns with our values. His research areas will not only contribute to the growth of our existing programs but will also foster new collaborations and partnerships within the University. His work in cognition, neuroscience, and AI has the potential to create a lasting influence on the curricula at Rishihood University, further expanding the opportunities for our students and faculty.

Under Dr. Chandra’s guidance, we anticipate the development of innovative courses and programs that bridge the gaps between disciplines. His commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment will encourage intellectual curiosity and collaboration among our students and faculty. With his leadership, we can look forward to a bright future for Rishihood University, marked by groundbreaking research and educational excellence.

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