Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Chandra

Dean and Professor, School of Psychology and Education

Prof. Sushil Chandra is working as a Dean and Professor in the School of School of Psychology and Education, Rishihood University. Retired in the month of April as a Scientist ‘G’ & Head Cognitive Control & Machine Learning Division (CCML), INMAS, DRDO, Delhi. His distinguished research career spans the fields of cognition, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, where he made numerous significant contributions. His experience in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Virtual Reality Applications in Defence, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Biomedical Technology, Biosensors, Defence Electronics, Telemedicine, and Image Compression. More than 250 engineering graduates, 100 postgraduate, and two doctoral theses have been supervised by him, and he had also published several technical articles in professional journals. In collaboration with various professional and educational institutions as well as Research Lab and INMAS, Prof. Chandra served as a Subject Expert at the Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the “Innovation & Start-up Committee (VR/AR/MR), Education Committee, Skills Committee, and CSR Committee. He also keen to work in IKS aspects related to mental health, spiritual dimensions, and the education system.

Cognitive Neuroscience, Bio-Medical Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and augmented reality, Mixed Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Experimental psychology, Cognitive rehabilitation

• Subject member expert at Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry on “Innovation & Start-up Committee (VR/AR/MR)”, “Education”, “Skill development committee”, and “CSR”.
• Won the VASVIK Award 2018 for the Internet of Things (IOT).
• Well Connected/Partnerships at the senior level with various international Organizations, NGOs, social Society, and Government departments.
• Collaborated with a large no. of research projects between various professionals & educational institutes, Research labs & INMAS.
• Prepared Government Reports for Adaptive Variable Data Rate Modem for High-Frequency Communication, Digital Tropo Communication System,
• Development of cholesterol biosensor, design and development of obstacle climbing wheel chair and design and development of Robotic Leg (lower extremity prosthesis).
• Authored a chapter Therapeutic Effect of Millimeter Wave Resonance Therapy in Book, “Topics in Electromagnetic Waves”.
• Completed/working Various funded Research Project in Defence communication, Biosensor, Rehabilitation and Neuro-cognition.
• Member of Various Professional Societies.

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