Prof. Girish Kumar

Associate Professor, School of Creativity

“Learning is a both-end process where we develop ideas into feasible projects by using guiding factors from experience. I believe in the ideology of sharing knowledge and taking a friendly approach to impart them for an impact on society.” – Assoc. Prof. Girish Kumar

Girish Kumar is an analytical designer who infuses the basic laws of science and observance to create sensible and meaningful solutions. His multi-perspective approach toward design with physical and immersive gaming solutions are guided by a deep understanding of users’ experiences.

He holds his Master of Industrial Design and Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. During his master’s course he demonstrated his thesis with a physical working prototype which was well appreciated during the design exhibition at SPA Delhi and was also selected for being patented. His thesis was on backpack solutions for delivery agents on bicycles. This project helps these agents to install the newer version of carrier units such that the load at their back is no more suspended but rested on an upper platform of the carrier system itself. His works extends in various domains such as Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture, Games, Medical products, Consumer Goods, System Design, Branding, UIUX and material explorations by understanding the psychology of varying age groups and designing for them.

Prior to his post-graduation, he worked with Orangewood Labs, Noida (a robotic design firm) as a Product Designer. There he also held his position in the R&D- material exploration team with resin, cement, wood shavings, etc. His first encounter with product design was during his bachelor’s internship period with Firki Studio, Noida, where he explored the possibilities of Bamboo; designed and manufactured Modular Bamboo Units that could be connected and rotated in the axis of the joint to form a gathering space, shading device in an urban streetscape. For this design, the team were nominated winners at CGBMT Bangalore too. He also worked at QX Design studio, Bhubaneswar, where he delivered the Odisha Biennale post journal (2017) apart from other Graphic Design works.

Girish also indulges in User Research, Market Research, Rapid Prototyping, Concept generation, and most importantly working prototypes. Apart from this, he is sporty, loves cooking and theatre too.

His works are displayed here-

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