Himanshu Manglik

WALNUTCAP Consulting

Mr Himanshu Manglik is the Founder & President of WALNUTCAP Consulting. He is a management consultant with extensive cross-functional experience in working with multinational companies as well as Indian businesses in ‘Sales and Marketing’, ‘ Brand management and Communications’, ‘Strategy and Planning’ and in ‘Turnaround situations’. Mr Himanshu has 40 years of experience across industry and academics and has been involved with handling many successful projects as well as resolving extraordinary crisis situations. An MBA from IIM Bangalore and a Postgraduate in Economics from Delhi University he is currently also a Visiting Faculty and Academic Advisor at Management Schools including IIM Shillong and others in Lucknow, Indore and Delhi. He has been on the Board of ‘Business and Community Foundation’, writes extensively on issues relating to marketing, economy and the society and is invited as jury and panellist on public forums. He is of the firm belief that good leaders do not compromise on professional integrity and sustainable brands are anchored in ethical marketing. 

Himanshu Manglik has worked closely with CEOs and Senior Management across diverse industries and companies and with some of the toughest brands including Nestle, JWT, India Today, Times of India, Shalimar Paints, Sankey Wheels, GOLDCAFE and Godrej. Some of the projects that he has worked on are virtual case studies in management and amongst others include the launch of ‘GOLDCAFE 100% Pure Instant Coffee’, the “PUF advertising campaign’ for Godrej refrigerators and the “MAGGI Crisis’.  He believes that business succeeds when professional managers act as if they own the business, understand the importance of systems and processes, but have an entrepreneurial mindset and constantly search for innovative solutions. It was his commitment to these fundamentals that enabled him to successfully launch FMCG brands nationally, helped create path-breaking advertising campaigns,  manage factory operations impacted by prolonged labour strife, and stand solidly at the forefront of the MAGGI crisis at Nestle in what was undoubtedly the biggest crisis faced by the food industry in India. Himanshu has always been passionate and committed to creating long term value. His expertise in marketing, brand building, communication and understanding of general management and human relations makes his experiences a unique competitive advantage.  

Himanshu Manglik is a firm believer in the values of integrity, honesty and transparency and has always taken up challenges head-on, both in professional as well as personal life. His personal philosophy is to continue recalibrating and reinventing to protect, mentor, nurture and grow.

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