Ishaan Dixit

Architecture & Visual Communication

Ishaan Dixit is a Designpreneur, Design Educator and TEDx speaker with an academic history of architecture and Visual Communication. He is the founder and Chief Executive of ‘The India Design Project’ that advocates, celebrates and actively pursues ‘the various roles’ that design can play for a population of 1.3 billion Indians. He is dedicated to creating collaborative platforms for system thinkers, designers, social entrepreneurs and public bodies for a purposeful design impact in the field of Education, Research & Documentation.

He is also an avid writer on design with a keen interest in emerging design trends globally keeping Indian context in focus. His personal Blog ‘ has guest design bloggers from across the globe. ‘Kahanaiyan- the Indian design history’ project (also an initiative by team IDP) is collecting course curriculum data, artefacts, photographs, visual media etc on the design history of India. With wide interest across academia, he is also visiting faculty for various design, art & architecture institutes across India.

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