Jasmine John Pillai

General Manager - Outreach & Marketing

Jasmine John Pillai possesses a decade of professional experience and stands as a highly accomplished individual, boasting an extensive background in diverse areas such as business development, student recruitment, outreach, sales & marketing, counseling, and training. Her impressive career has spanned renowned institutions including Reliance Education, WNS, Reliance Animation, and Flame University.

After completing her schooling in Delhi, Jasmine pursued a graduation & post-graduation degree at the University of Pune. During her tenure, she spearheaded successful initiatives that not only elevated brand visibility but also effectively engaged the intended audience. Her remarkable knack for recognizing opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and nurturing robust client relationships has played a pivotal role in the achievements of the organizations she has been associated with, all underscored by an unwavering dedication to innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Jasmine’s interests extend to a fervor for travel, a dedication to the practice of yoga, and a genuine curiosity for exploring an array of cuisines.