Nikhil K Shandelya

Digital Marketing Executive, Founder's Office

Nikhil K Shandelya holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication from Jaypee University of Information Technology, completed in 2019. He has a diverse range of professional experiences across various roles, primarily in content creation, HR, and business development.

After graduating, Nikhil began his career as a Business Development Associate at Vedantu in Delhi, where he demonstrated his ability to close significant deals and schedule home demos for potential customers. He then ventured into content creation, working as a writer for Cograd and later as a freelance designer and head of content for multiple clients, including Seekify Technologies and Engineers Cradle. His freelance work involved leading teams, creating engaging content, and improving social media engagement significantly.

In 2024, Nikhil interned at in Punjab, where he was involved in the HR processes, from job posting and resume screening to conducting initial interviews.

Alongside his professional roles, Nikhil has obtained certifications in Digital marketing, Naukri Maestro Recruiter, Jira, and Six Sigma Yellow Belt, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. He has also spearheaded projects that involve AI applications, enhancing user engagement on social media platforms, and conducting workshops and competitions.

With interests in gaming, volunteering, and anchoring, Nikhil combines his technical background and varied work experience to contribute meaningfully to the fields he is passionate about. He is also been featured in top 10 in Higher education segment on Quora in India. He aims to leverage his skills and experiences to make significant impacts in Indian education.

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